WSI Models is a Dutch company producing highly detailed quality scale models of transport and construction vehicles. Originally intending to produce promotional model vehicles the company’s products are also available to collectors.

The current WSI company emerged from what was originally named Tema Toys, a Dutch company founded in 1994. Tema Toys continues with a series of model cars and other vehicles in 1:43rd, 1:64th and 1:87th scales.

Tema Toys produced fine highly detailed model vehicles under specific commissions to promote transport companies. As such they became very highly collectible and sought after by collectors not only in the Netherlands but in other parts of the world.

The name of WSI took over from the Tema Toys name in 2006. Originally produced in the Netherlands production of the new WSI models shifted to China where a long established history of model car production existed.

WSI models are used to promote a company or brand by displaying models in a workplace or offices as well as distributing them to clients. The models are not only highly detailed but also extremely robust and the company prides itself on what they call the ‘two metre drop test’.

The company offers a wide variety of haulage vehicles in 1:50th scale that can be customised with a company’s chosen wording and logos and finished in the appropriate livery. In addition WSI can produce models in other scales and beyond the standard range of vehicles offered.

As well as haulage vehicles the WSI range has included farming equipment and tractors in a scale of !:32nd and moped cycles in a scale of 1:10th and the company has also produced models of cranes and earth moving equipment.

Many collectors of die cast model vehicles favour a particular type such as van or truck; some limit their collections to replicas of a specific make of vehicle and the WSI models appeal to such collectors.

The exclusivity, limited production, high quality and detail and unique nature of WSI promotional models makes them not only desirable as marketing products but also as collectible models in their own right. A wide range of highly detailed cargo pieces is also available to complete models.

Collectors are able to purchase WSI models from specified outlets across the world and they are provided with a certificate of limited edition, enhancing their value.

Both WSI models and Tema Toys are available to a worldwide collector’s audience due to the success of the brands and online internet sales.