NZG models is a German company that started production in 1968. The models proved popular and demand steadily increased.

Originally founded by Gerhard Schmidt and Betty Hauer NZG Models continued to expand. By 1986 the company had passed into the hands of Inge Ludwig, nee Schmidt, daughter of Gerhard Schmidt and Hannelore Hauer, daughter of Betty Hauer. In 2000 the company passed to Inge and Michael Ludwig who continue at its head.

The first premises in which an NZG model were produced was the second floor of a furniture shop. As demand rapidly increased the company moved to 10,000 square feet of premises on an industrial estate in Nuremburg.

The very first NZG model was of a Weserhutte wheeled crane in 1968. By 1974 around 30 models were in production.

NZG models of cars were popular for their fine quality and detail such as clear plastic headlight lenses and chrome-plated fine details such as badges and emblems. They were clearly intended as adult collectible models rather than children’s toys and some carried stickers announcing that.

Early models of cars were produced in 1:43rd scale but the company produced some models in the scale of !:35th. Current scales used include 1:25th, 1:50th and 1:87th and the ever popular 1:43rd. Most of NZG’s models of cars were produced in the 1980s and 1990s. From 2002 NZG seemed to focus on producing a range of high quality models of trucks and heavy equipment. Like other specialist high-end model producers NZG have also produced a range of models including Porsche and Mercedes-Benz for promotional use in dealerships.

NZG’s range of models today features a variety of trucks with marques drawn from across Europe, together with a range of heavy equipment including excavators, earth movers, fork lift trucks, generators and road rollers and cranes.

Advertising claims that all NZG models are created using the original blueprints of the original machines and the construction vehicles all feature fully articulated working equipment with buckets raising and lowering, booms moving, wheels and caterpillar tracks rolling.

Specialist models catering for customers promotional needs are available and all of the NZG models are finished to a very fine standard making them highly prized by collectors.

NZG’s headquarters remain in Nuremberg but in recent times production has been outsourced to Chinese manufacturers. The company’s highly detailed models are available internationally through specialist dealers and its own outlet. Prices range from below a hundred pounds to several hundreds of pounds.